Monday, March 18, 2013

Watch the Time

My hubby is so anal when it comes to punctuality.  He considers it rude to make people wait.  When we have an appointment, we always make it a point to be there on time (or a few minutes early).  He is also not very patient when people are late. It does not matter even if it is just a Sunday family dinner at home.  If guests are not there at the appointed time, you will surely see him glancing at the clock every ten minutes,  wondering aloud why people cannot be on time. Since he is such a stickler for time, his watch is one of his important accessories (the other being his cellphone).   I stopped wearing a watch for the last five years but on my last birthday, he gave me a beautiful silver watch with a thin bracelet.  I sometimes wear it to work, both  as a time and fashion accessory.  Whenever I wear it, I get a lot of compliments from my office mates.  Watches with modern and clean designs like the fashionable michael kors watches are very popular.  They are sought after both for timekeeping and for their aesthetic appeal.

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