Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Heat is On

Spring is almost around the corner but we have not bid the cold weather goodbye yet. We still experience chilly mornings and afternoons and especially, chilly evenings. The temperature here in Florida may not be as cold compared to Alaska, North Dakota, Maine or Minnesota, and we may not experience snow like our neighbors up in Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, but we do have our fair share of the cold temperature.  Our home does not have a fireplace so we rely on our heater to keep us warm on cold nights (and cold mornings).

Fireplaces provide not only warmth to homes during cold winter months; they also add a nice ambiance.  Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are still popular among indoor fireplaces because of the sight, sound and smell of burning wood. However, indoor electric fireplaces are getting to be the more attractive alternative.  They are cost efficient (less expensive compared to gas and wood-burning fireplaces, and they do not contribute to an increase in electric bill, either). Electric fireplaces are easy and convenient to maintain; they do not take up so much space; they are safe to operate;  and they come in stylish decors (with matching glowing beds of embers, realistic looking wood).

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