Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Can Earn from My Mobile App

(my newest phone app)

According to studies conducted in 2012 by a global research and consulting firm, there are more than 1 billion active smartphone users around the world - and the number is increasing.  Likewise, the number of applications (apps) available to every smartphone user (and there are thousands of apps) is also increasing. These apps can either be availed  of for free or for a fee.  

However, imagine a mobile phone app that PAYS YOU!

Banabear found what may very well be the next biggest thing since Facebook hit the internet.  What he found is a company that is still in "pre-launch", but has in three weeks grown to over 40,000 strong.  The company is called "iLA" or Inspired Living App.  It has developed a mobile device app that combine personal development, time management, goal setting, business development, leadership development, wealth building and financial management, personal motivation with the mobile application industry and the network marketing industry.  The best part ?  I can earn $$$ from this app and so can you.


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