Sunday, December 16, 2012


Yoga is aimed to "unite the mind, body and spirit." As such, it helps with both the physical and psychological well-being of the person.  I've tried yoga as a work out back in the early 90's but not for long.  I am one of those who easily loses the motivation to exercise after a short hibernation.  However, I have heard a lot of good reports from those who regularly do yoga.  One, it's a stress-buster.  It also helps eliminate body aches and especially back pains because of the stretching. That is why my physical therapist highly recommend that I do yoga. It also helps one to be flexible, improves posture, balance and develops endurance.  As long as you correctly do your stretches, yoga is safer compared to other exercises as the risk of incurring bodily injuries is lesser. Lately, I read from a health magazine that yoga is a great fat buster, especially for those above 40.  My perennial back pain, my stress-filled life, and my need to lose weight should be enough reasons to enroll in a yoga class.  All I need is a rubber yoga mat and plenty of discipline to attend class.

For me yoga is not just workout
it's about working on yourself.
-Mary Glover

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