Saturday, December 22, 2012

Honest Faith

I am sharing with you a very beautiful message of faith I received in email from my friend, Rolly. May you be blessed with this message.

How do you practice honest faith when you see injustice, problems, or violence, and God seems not to be doing anything? Do what Habakkuk did (Hab. 1: 1-17).

Pray to God. Listen to Him. Trust in God's character.

Pray to God
Turn to God in prayer and talk to Him, when you don't understand why a man will become unfaithful, why parents will cause destruction of families, why bad things happen to good people.

Go to God in prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, when you have trials and problems, instead of worrying and taking on temporary and even sinful remedies to the situation (Phil. 4:6).

Listen to God
After talking to God, develop and practice the habit of listening to God through the discipline of silence. Listen to God consciously as you read the Bible, hear or read a message, look at the circumstances, watch Him and observe because He is doing something you couldn't believe.

Don't rush God, relax and don't put God in a box; God's ways are higher than ours; His timing is perfect (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Trust in God's Character

God is everlasting, the Holy One; He is the Rock, the powerful King; He is pure and will not approve evil. He disciplines those whom He loves. He has an amazing program for His people (Romans 8:28, 31)
God can use anybody to accomplish His purpose; He can use the wicked to judge His people (Kings 2:9-12; Deut. 28: 47-50; Romans 9:17).

Truths about Life:
1. You will get disappointed
2. You will not always understand why things happen as they happen
3. Whatever happens to you in inevitable to make you either become better or bitter.

Principles to Learn:
You cannot control what will happen to you; you cannot control others; you cannot control the trials that will come upon you. The only thing you have control of is your responsibility to RESPOND to problems- the RESPOND IN HONEST FAITH.

We may not always understand what God is doing, but we can remember His character and His love. God is sovereign. He will judge. And He knows what He's doing (Romans 8:28).

Sometimes we make wrong decisions and stupid mistakes. But God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him.

When you are in the valley of your life and when you don't know what's happening, talk to God. Tell Him what's troubling you. Then listen to what the Lord is teaching you. Always remember God's character as you go to Him with honest faith.

*This is re-post from my blog, A Woman Speaks. Posted on 6/6/2009.

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