Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sound of your Music

I love instrumental music.  Piano, violin, flute and saxophone music.  They are soothing to my ears.  I play (or at least, I used to) the piano so I know that the quality of the instrument is material to the music that it produces. For example, you may be a very good pianist or violin player, but if you're playing with an instrument which is not properly tuned, or made up of parts which are of low quality, the music that you produce will not be as beautiful.

I am not familiar with wind instruments but I've heard from people who've been playing these instruments for a long time that the kind of material used in the mouthpiece can affect the tonal quality of the music produced.  That is why some prefer hard rubber over metal and vice-versa.  A school band musician may prefer one kind of mouthpiece material while a jazz musician may prefer another.  It is because of the different kind of sound that they want to produce although lay listeners like me will probably not know the difference.  These accessories can be costly so it helps when a good deal comes along like those Morgan mouthpieces which are currently on sale.

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