Saturday, November 24, 2012

Does your Back Hurt?

My lower back has been bothering me for several years now.  I regularly have a deep tissue massage and it helps.  The menthol pain reliever that I rub on my back also help alleviate the pain.  My therapist suggested that I do some stretching which I very rarely do.  I've noticed though that when I was actively exercising, I did not feel any back ache.  These days, however, I have become sedentary, so I've been experiencing the discomfort again.  My therapist has also recommended that I visit a chiropractor, which I have not done up to now.  My lower back pain is tolerable and it's not everyday that I feel it.  That's the reason why I forget about it until it hits me.

There are people who are not as lucky.  They experience so much pain and discomfort to the point that it has  adversely affected their activities because of the debilitating effect of the pain.  There are conservative measures that they can take like physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor or undergoing steroid injections.  If none of these help, then, depending upon medical advise, they might end up undergoing a Spinal surgery procedure.

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