Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where to Stay While on the Go

Years ago whenever I need to book a hotel, I had to look up the yellow pages, dial the number and do my transaction over the phone.    Sometimes, I would ask a friend who lives in the place where I want to go to personally make arrangements with the hotel in my behalf.    If I  am unfamiliar or haven't been to that hotel before, I would rely on word-of-mouth experiences of friends or people I know who've stayed in the hotel.

Through the years, looking for a place to stay has become easier.  With the advent of computers, I am now able to find and choose among the different hotels in the area I am going right in the comforts of my home, and  book without necessarily calling the hotel. Everything could be done online.

Lately, it has even become a lot easier and more accessible as I can go about searching and "shopping" for a place to stay even while on the car, out on dinner, on the treadmill or at the mall.  This is where my iPad and especially my iPhone comes in very handy. I can choose among different hotels, read hotel reviews, compare rates and check room availability through my mobile phone or iPad. Also, with the help of Apps For Travel in my mobile device, I am able to find, select and book a hotel room in the most efficient and quickest way.  This app is something that would interest a traveler or a person who is always on the go.   Having this in your mobile device is a guaranteed big help. Online travel booking has never been this easy.

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