Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Computer Geek

Hubby is an avowed computer enthusiast.  While working with the Department of Defense, he  did, among others, computer crimes investigations. Now that he's retired from law enforcement, he's into stock trading which requires him to regularly follow the market online.  For that purpose, he got himself a computer made to his specifications, with four monitors held by a monitor stand.  The arrangement enables him to clearly monitor the charts.  The stand is, indeed, a great innovation. When hubby is not watching the stock market through his desktop or if he's just playing freecell, he uses his laptop (his other made-to-order "toy").  When we're on the road, the iPad comes in handy.  I am not as knowledgeable as my hubby when it comes to the technical side of computers so that when something "unusual" happens to my laptop, I rely on him for rescue.

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