Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking for Cheap Flights

My niece arrived in the U.S. from the Philippines last March.  She's been  here in the country for more than six months now but we have not seen each other yet.   She is based in Louisiana and I do not have the time to visit her.  Well, she has been dying to visit me here in Florida.   She's a typical twenty one year old, and like young people her age, she is very eager to see and go places, especially fun places like Miami, Key West and Orlando, so that she has already made plans of spending her Christmas holidays with me.  She has been on a constant lookout for  discounted plane fares.   Holidays are usually peak season for travelling but I told her to search online for travel websites that offer cheap flights and compare different airline fares. I did that on my last travel to New York City for my Christmas vacation. I was able to buy a plane ticket at a pretty good discounted rate.  Lucky me!

Prices of almost all commodities and services, including airline fares, have gone way up; nevertheless, you can still find really good deals from travel websites.  They offer not only plane fares at a discounted rate, but also pretty good deals on car rentals and hotel accommodations.  Some even offer travel packages at  a very affordable price. When we travel these days, my hubby and I no longer stick to just one airline.  In order to save, we check travel websites to see which airline offers the most affordable price rate at a schedule convenient to us.  We like to plan our trip way in advance so that we can have better preparation; but we have found a website that offer great last minute travel deals. This is good for last minute or emergency travel plans, like the one I took last year when I had to go home.

With today's economic situation, we have to spend responsibly, and that includes being wise with our travelling expenses.  Discounted airfare deals are a great help.

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