Monday, September 3, 2012

It's a Beautiful Monday

It's a non-working Monday but I was up and about before 6 in the morning, rarin' to go out for some fresh air and exercise.  Banabear was also up early so we decided to drive down Deerfield Beach after our early morning coffee.

As I was preparing my small bag to bring to the beach, I found out that my driver's license was missing.  I remembered going to Radio Shack last week to buy an Eton Red Cross emergency weather radio and the sales clerk asked for my driver's license; however, I was not sure if I left it there or not.  Since it is a holiday and the DMV is closed, banabear said that we'll drop by Radio Shack and inquire, and if we could not find my driver's license, we'll go to the DMV on Tuesday to get a replacement.  So off we went to Deerfield Beach.

Today's a beautiful day.  After a stormy week, we were blessed with a wonderful weather.  It was still early but there were already a lot of people at the beach.  Some were lounging on the benches and the beach chairs, chatting and enjoying their Starbucks coffee.  As usual, there were joggers and brisk walkers along the seashore and the sidewalks.  Banabear and I have been to Deerfield Beach many times before but today's our first time to walk as far as the concrete sidewalk could take us towards the Lighthouse Point area.

On our way back, we did a couple of stops to enjoy the beach view.

a view of the Deerfield Beach pier

Early morning kayaker

The beach was teeming with cars today; lots of beach goers taking advantage of the holiday and the beautiful weather.

Geckos are a common sight on the concrete walks.

Hearty breakfast at the beachfront Patio Bar and Grill

Early morning sun and breeze.

Celebrating Labor Day!

After our morning walk and breakfast at the beach, we drove to Radio Shack.  Thank God, we found my driver's license.  The sales clerk told us that she found it among a stack of papers only the night before while she was cleaning the drawers.  Phew!  I had no idea that I have been driving for  a week without a license. What a relief!

After an enjoyable morning, it was time for us to go home, sit back and relax... after all, today's Empty Chair Day.

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