Sunday, September 16, 2012

Class Ring

The class ring is considered as a badge of honor, similar to a diploma, signifying to the world that the graduate has reached his goal in education.  

When I earned my Bachelors degree in Commerce, my class ring was a graduation gift from my aunt, Tita Claire.  

Except in college, class rings were not given much significance in my school  in the Philippines during my time.  We did not have class rings when I graduated in high school, not even in law school.  Maybe because it is expensive and, thus, considered more of a luxury in developing countries where am from.  Here in the U.S., class rings form an important part of a student's life.  It also signifies pride in one's alma mater.  Class rings come in different designs, shapes,  and with different stones and engravings.  The masculine looking class rings come with huge designs engraved on the body. Female rings, on the other hand, are more refined-looking, smaller and daintier, especially high school class rings for girls which come in cute designs.

My college class ring is a simple petite gold ring without a stone.  I left it at home when I flew to the U.S.  and the last time I heard, they pawned it.  I hope it is still at home.   It is a gift from my aunt  and a remembrance of my college days, so I hope to get it back one day.

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