Sunday, August 19, 2012

Figure this Ring

A story is told about a Turkish sultan who was so in love with his wife that he had a jeweler made a special ring for her.  The wife was to wear it as a sign of her love and fidelity. The special ring was made up of different interlocked rings/bands that when removed would fall apart.  The sultan did not tell his wife how to put the ring together.  

Today, this kind of ring is also used as wedding band, for it is said that when the wearer takes it off in order to cheat on the other partner, it is difficult for the wearer to put the bands together.  Putting them back in order to form a ring is like solving a puzzle.  Aptly named puzzle rings, there are lesser expensive versions that are sold as brainteaser trinkets.  Looking for a unique gift to your loved one?  This might be the one you want.

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ray alan drilon said...

some kind of faithfulness ring.


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