Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's your Music?

A lot has been said about the healing effect and therapeutic value of music.  It can calm the nerves or make one feel alive.  Music is also an avenue of expression.  If one is unable to express it in words, then one can say it through music.

Hubby and I are both music lovers although our choice in music vary from each other.  Well, almost.  For instance, when I drive to work in the morning, I only listen to Christian music.  I am always tuned in to 89.3 Moody Radio.  During the times when I am not tuned in the radio, I listen to my cds (Heritage Singers, Casting Crowns, Selah, Christian instrumental music collection).  I love being able to "meditate" in His Word while on the road.  I also keep a couple of secular cds in my car which I listen on a few occasions, usually, when I am on my way home from work.  I have Norah Jones' cd, a piano version of her songs, Adele's, a collection of new wave, meditation  instrumentals, and my old Carlos Santana cd..   My latest favorite "going home" music is a collection of Madonna's songs.  It is a 2-volume cd which Hubby recently bought for me.  When I am on my brisk-walking mode, I listen to a different set of music on my iPod: mostly House, techno, and latin dance music.

Hubby, the musician in the family, loves listening to jazz, drum music (he's a big Buddy Rich fan), Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and the  60's and 70's music.  Lately, he's mostly into country music.  When we are driving together, we usually listen to "his" music, most of which I also like.  

What about you?  What's your kind of music?

Music, considered a universal language, can calm the turbulence inside you  Here's a tip to fight off stress:  If you are angry, play some loud, hard rock or a heavy classical piece.  Allow the music to absorb your anger or frustration.  Then, after you have let it all out, play soothing new age or light classics to finally let you relax and reflect.
 - from the ABC's of Beauty and Wellness by Cory Quirino

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