Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Matters

Persons and Family Relations was my favorite subject in law school (Philippines) so that when I went back to school in the U.S., one of the  first Law subjects I took in my Paralegal Studies course was Domestic Relations.   Family Law is a very interesting field of law.  However, it can also be stressful, especially that it involves personal relationships.  Emotions usually run high between parties even before the start of the case.  When I was working in the Family Court back home, we handled the most number of cases and had the most share of the controversial ones.  Based from my ten-year experience of working in a family court, I know that lawyers play a big role in the success and speedy disposition of a family law case.  Most parties have no knowledge on how to proceed with the case and rely on their attorneys.  It is, therefore, important for one to choose the right attorney to represent him.  Expertise in the field should be the first criteria.  That is why we have family law firms which specialize in this area of law.  One should also look into the attorney's  experience and background.  How long has the attorney been handling family law cases and what is his "success rate"?  Can you afford the fees?  What is his style?  Since this type of case involve sensitive personal issues, it is also important that a client is able to trust and work comfortably with his attorney.

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