Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 "Namets" is 'slang'  for the Hiligaynon (a Philippine dialect) term "namit", meaning, "delicious".  Having been away from my native country for five years and staying in this part of the U.S. where Philippine  food products are not easily accessible, the sight of what may seem to be "ordinary" food for a regular Filipino is already a big deal for me.

While surfing the net one weekend, I came across the website of a Filipino restaurant right here in South Florida. I was excited when last Friday night, banabear decided to take me for dinner at the restaurant.

Amay's Restaurant is a small Filipino restaurant and grocery in Pembroke Pines.


I met the owner and chef, Amay, whom to my delight is a  fellow Negrense (and a former neighbor of my best friend, Carolyn). I was excited to savor Bacolod cuisine but to my dismay, there was not much food to choose from.  Amay informed us that on week days they only have buffet during lunch time but during the weekends, when Filipinos would gather at the restaurant, they have buffet and karaoke singing (a staple in almost every Filipino gathering) from lunch to dinner time.  On Sundays, they even serve whole lechon (roasted pig).  Since we took a "long" trip (around 45 minutes sans traffic) from Boca Raton, we decided to stay for dinner and chose from whatever was available in the menu.

Chicken adobo, fried tilapia and lotsa rice for me.

Pork barbecue for banabear.

I took home another order of fried tilapia and a week's supply of Filipino goodies.

Mango mamon

Hopia mungo


Cassava cake

Brazos de Mercedes

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kellen said...

the food looks really great and yummy


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