Sunday, December 4, 2011

Typical Backyard Scene

Scenic Sunday

Our backyard overlooks a beautiful, albeit man-made, lake. From inside the house, one can see through the glass sliding door the view of the lake.

Early in the morning, I can see ducks swimming around the lake

or huddled together

or walking, er, waddling in one line.

Others are just seated beside the lake by themselves, as if in deep meditation.

The ducks are very 'sociable'. When they see me walking outside, they waddle towards me.

Unlike the ducks, the other birds "visiting" our backyard are kind of 'anti-social'. They would scamper away at my slightest movement or sound.

The other day, I woke up early to a cool morning and saw four water birds seated on the grass in one row, with their necks strained in the same direction. They were a lovely sight and I wanted very much to capture them with my camera. However, as soon as I opened the door of our lanai, they hurriedly jumped into the water. I must've scared them away.

On midday when the sun is up, I see ducks "cooling" themselves underneath the big mango tree

or under the shrubbery.

Others would sit out in the open "sunbathing", probably taking advantage of the warm-cool weather.

Dusk is my favorite part of the day. When the sun sets, the waters in the lake remind me of the movie, "On Golden Pond". I love gazing at the "dancing" lights reflected in the water.

The ducks must love it, too.

Sometimes I see a couple of ducks on an "early night swim", enjoying a refreshing dip in the water before calling it a day :)

I love our backyard lake.


Lorac said...

You certainly have a gorgeous backyard. Must be wonderful to live there. Great photos.

merce said...

Wonderful photos. I'd love to see natural beauty like this near my home.


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