Sunday, September 11, 2011

Diary a Dieter


Hubby and I are on an ideal protein diet for almost three months now. Carb-laden goodies are, therefore, a no-no. The other night, I sneaked in a piece of chocolate chip cookie and hid it inside the fridge.

When I opened the fridge yesterday morning looking for my "hidden treasure", I found this note written on the wrapper from my hubby.


Yesterday, I bought healthy goodies at Whole Foods. I had salad (broccoli with walnuts, spicy tofu, blackened tofu, cucumber and onions) for lunch and Arctic Zero, a low-carb, fat free and low calorie ice cream. Dieting can be fun!


Your body is a temple
but only if you treat it as one.
-Astrid Alauda


freecallsphilippines said...

whats one cookie? :) have to find a better hiding place to hide the goodies...

Romancing Italy said...

That's funny. At least he didn't throw it away so you still had the choice to finish it. I'm not sure which is harder...the discipline to not eat at all, or the discipline to eat every now and then. Bev

Anonymous said...

Are you on Facebook, MsRay? I'm a Floridian transplanted to the Philippines ... having married a Filipina. Perhaps you'd be interested in my photos.

Ted Decker


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