Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Home

Three weeks ago, we transferred to Boca Raton. I love our new home because the place is very quiet and private. Most of all, there is a lake behind our backyard and when the sun sets, the reflection of the sun on the water reminds me of the movie, "On Golden Pond".

Outside our patio is a tall mango tree. A long-time resident of the subdivision said that it is the only mango tree in the subdivision. Since it is still mango season, the tree bears a lot of fruits.

As I am writing this post in this peaceful and quiet Sunday afternoon, I can see the ducks having their afternoon swim on the lake.

Have a restful Sunday! Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend.

1 comment:

rain71 said...


post pics of your new home please,

i love the pics, looks so serene, hope we can visit you soon :)


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