Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Vacation

Spring is around the corner. The weather's getting warmer and flowers are starting to bloom, giving color to our surroundings.

For students, spring break is something to look forward to when they can go an a week long "rest and relaxation". Hubby and I are spending our "spring break" in the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is one of the popular vacation destinations in Florida because of its beautiful beaches. For MLB aficionados, spring training has also began. The area is also perfect for those travelling by RV. They can find several really nice campgrounds, rv resorts and parks around the area. RV owners, it's time to prepare your vehicles for that much-awaited trip, do the necessary rv repair, rev up your engines and enjoy!

“RV travel is as relaxed a way to see the country
as there can possibly be:
Leave when you wish,
stay where you wish,
very convenient and getting better all the time.”
-Jim Kaat

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