Monday, February 28, 2011

Gulf of Mexico at Sundown

Our Weekend Memoirs

We spent the weekend exploring Citrus County in the Nature Coast of Florida. We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast along Follow That Dream Parkway in the tiny town of Inglis. At the end of the seven-mile road is the Gulf of Mexico.

Immediately after checking in the lodge, we drove down "the end of the road" to watch the sunset. It was a cloudy afternoon so that we were not able to get a clear shot of the setting sun. Nevertheless, the view was beautiful.


The next day, we decided to drive back a couple of minutes before sunset thinking that we might get a clearer shot of the setting sun. However, about five minutes down the road, fog started to envelope the place and we could no longer see the sun.


Taking my first dip into the Gulf of Mexico


ray alan drilon said...

great pictures!

Arlene said...

Hi Rai, so winter is over? Daw naka spring attire ka naman.

Anyway, it seems the water is still very cold but it's a nice place to be in a morning to meditate.

These are beautiful photos and I love that pic best with the duck. Daw gin tugnaw man pud ang duck. hehe

Thanks for playing along this week.



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