Friday, February 18, 2011

Be Safe.... Not Sick

Respiratory illnesses like colds and flu are popular during the rainy and winter seasons. Virus can easily spread in crowded places like schools, offices, malls, and homes. To lessen the risk of contamination, we are always reminded to practice healthy habits like covering our mouth and nose when we cough and sneeze, and washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water. In places where we are in direct contact with a lot of people, we must be extra careful with our sanitary habits. I always bring with me a handy bottle of hand sanitizer wherever I go. At work, I also have a large bottle of sanitizer on my desk and keep on my drawer disinfecting/sanitary wipes. Since the risk of the spread of germs is increased by human touch, I am glad that we also have touchless hand dryers at the office. I use that after every hand wash.

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