Sunday, January 16, 2011


Technology is evolving so fast. What is in today can already be passe tomorrow. Take for instance, cellphones. When I got my first cellphone in the late 90's, it only had a talk and text feature. Later, additional features were added in cell phones which enabled me to take and send pictures, email, and use Yahoo Instant Messenger. Now, cell phones have evolved into mini-computers with so many extra features a techie would love.

Android phones are very popular today. I have been using one for more than a year now. Although mine looks fairly new, technology-wise, it is nothing compared to other Android phones that are now in the market. It is said that the most powerful Android phone ever is the new htc desire. The phone is sleek and stylish, wide screen, and the body is light and thin. It comes with a 5 MP camera, flash video support, and fast processor and internet browser. Another must-see for the techie cellphone user out there.

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