Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where To - on Christmas?

I won't be able to go home to my home country for the Christmas holidays so I started making plans about spending the holidays out of state. California was my first choice because I have a lot of cousins and friends there. However, I could not find cheap air fares; and with only a 3-day off from work, the expense and the travel to the West Coast is not very practical. Then, I thought about going to Pennsylvania, Virginia, or New York. After all, I have standing invitations from old friends back home to visit them. Finally, I decided to stay here in Florida. Hopefully next year, I'll have enough leave credits and money to allow me to enjoy a longer vacation. My friend, Gina, also advised that I should plan my travel date in advance and search for travel deals online. She and her family do that and are able to get very affordable plane fares. I'll definitely do that, Gin!

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