Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sparkling Clean Car

I had my car detailed yesterday while I was at work. On Fridays, there's an auto detailer which services cars in our office. An officemate said they really do a good job so I decided to try it yesterday.

I usually have my car washed every weekend at the gas station. It's done by machine and although the dirt is washed away on the windshield and body of the car, the wiping and polishing is not thoroughly done. Well, the machine can only do so much. Although I am the only one who uses it and my car is only 6 months old, I make sure that the interior is kept clean and tidy. Whenever I can, I wipe, sweep, and even use a Scotch pet hair roller for cleaning. Still, I am not satisfied.

I'm glad I had my car detailed. The guy did a good job cleaning, polishing and waxing my car. It feels good to see the interior and exterior super clean. For a $15 charge, it's worth it!

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