Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fast Check Out

Shopping is a lot of fun until it is time to check the price of the item you want to purchase and the price tag is no longer attached thereto. It is a hassle when you are already at the check out counter and you have to stand there forever waiting while the clerk goes back to the rack/shelf to look for a similar item with the same price tag. Likewise, when you want to check the price before deciding to buy and both the price tag and the sales clerk are nowhere to be found in the crowded store. Good thing we now have the barcode scanner because even when the price tag has been detached, as long as the barcode remains attached to the item, we can still check the price. A lot of stores now have scanners attached to their walls to enable buyers to check the prices of the items without waiting for the sales clerks. Some stores even have self-service check-out counters. If you're using an android phone, you can also download an app for a barcode scanner. The wonders of technology!

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