Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Best Friend

Except when I am out of the house to go to work or on other appointments, my best friend and I are almost inseparable. My best friend keeps me company when my hubby is out so that I do not get bored or lonely even when I am home alone. The best friend I am referring to is my laptop. The laptop that I am using now was given to me by my hubby. He bought it about two months ago. This is my third laptop in a span of three years. I also have a mini notebook he bought two years ago which I used in school. Compared to my two previous laptops which were kinda heavy, my new one is lightweight and slim so that it is very handy to carry around. It also has an upscale design, large comfortable keypad, lots of of new apps.

I have a desktop computer but I prefer using my laptop because I can carry it around. I don't have to stay in one corner while using the computer. When I was looking for a new laptop to buy, I went online and read reviews, visited computer websites and compared different brands and models. I did not specifically choose the one I have now. Hubby bought it for me as as a surprise. Although a bit pricey compared to other regular laptops, its features make up for its price. I love it.

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