Monday, October 18, 2010

Keeping Oneself Warm

We are still using the air conditioner at home but pretty soon, we'll be switching to the heater to keep us warm during the chilly autumn and winter months. It gets very chilly even in sunny Florida. Well, not as chilly compared to places like Montana, or Utah, or Idaho, but we do experience cold days and nights here, too. Last year was particularly cold. I had to wrap myself up every time I leave the house. When I am at home, the heater keeps me comfortably warm, especially at night. During those not-so-chilly days, my friend, Sylvia, suggested that I turn the heater off and open the windows to let the cool breeze in. I have done that, too, and used the comforter to keep me warm.

An electric blanket is also a valuable companion during the chilly season. It'll help keep you warm in bed or while resting on the couch watching tv or reading your favorite book. However, since it has an electrical gadget attached to it, one must use caution when using it.

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