Thursday, October 28, 2010

The V-Neck

I like that pretty blouse you see on the left. Although I like dressing up in "lively" colors of reds, yellows and pinks, I am partial to earth colors and blacks. In fact, my work wardrobe is mostly composed browns and blacks.

Going back to that blouse on the left, it is sexy 'in a conservative way' because of the low V-neckline. Pretty, isn't it? You can wear it with a necklace or just go bare. Make sure though that you have 'flawless' chest. Meaning, it is devoid of unsightly chest acne because with that kind of neckline, it'll be very noticeable.

Chest and back acne are sometimes a problem among adults, especially among those who sweat profusely. It is, therefore, very important to maintain a good hygiene practice, including being careful as to the products you use in your body. If you have sensitive skin, harsh chemicals in your cologne, body lotion, or foundation will trigger skin problems. I've also read that fragrance in laundry detergents can cause skin irritation and problems among those with sensitive skin.

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