Friday, September 10, 2010

TV Time

I am not a tv person; that is, I do not spend a lot of my free time in front of the boob tube. However, there are nights when I can just relax on the couch and watch movies on Netflix or entertain myself with tv shows. I even love watching re-runs of sit-coms.

It is great having a wide-screen high definition tv with surround sound. It's just like being in the movie theater where you can vividly hear the bangs and the booms.

TV has evolved from the black and white tiny tube in a huge wooden box to plasma, LCD, HDTV, and we now even have the 3D TV. Screens have also become flatter and bigger, and the video have become more vivid and alive.

Christmas-time is fast approaching. If I have the means, I might buy my family back home a Samsung HDTV. It is one of the better brands in the market according to the Consumer Reports. It is time for them to enjoy a better tv time.

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