Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday Afternoon at the Beach

Our Weekend Memoirs

Scenic Sunday

Since I started working more than two months ago, my working days were oftentimes extended to the weekends. Between work and school, I hardly had the time to rest, more so enjoy my non-working hours.

Yesterday afternoon, soon after I got home from work, we hied off to Las Olas Boulevard for a late lunch-early dinner. After which, we drove off to the Fort Lauderdale Beach, which was about a 5-minute drive from Las Olas. The weather was beautiful and we spent an hour sitting on the beach and enjoying the view.

Driving to Ft. Lauderdale Beach .................

Time to go home.............


stan said...

That beach is truly a nice place to take walks and people-watch.

Bacolod and Beyond said...

ang ganda naman ng mga places dito, how I wish I could those places too... thanks for the visit Ms Ray, yes the I took that picture myself, A subdivision somewhere in Bacolod City.


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