Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pack Your Bags... We Leave At Dawn

Summer is almost over and next week, students will be heading back to school. However, for students like me who are taking a respite from school, we can still enjoy an extended vacation. I know I need one. Every day used to be a vacation until I started working. Now, I long for the day when I can again commune with nature, sit on the seashore or go on adventure walks to new places with my camera in hand taking pictures of my surroundings.

I have lived in two of the top major U.S. vacation destinations: Hawai'i and Florida. After two years of fun in the enchanted island of Oahu, I now call the Sunshine State of Florida my home. I enjoy the beach, but as a foreigner in this country, I also want to visit places in the U.S. where I can learn and experience America's history and immerse into its rich culture. Where can I go to enjoy the beach and nature and at the same time, learn about America's historic past and culture? Where else but in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The beautiful beaches, sand dunes, vast wildlife, historical and cultural sites makes Outer Banks a perfect vacation getaway.

Another aspect about this vacation destination that caught my attention is the Outer Banks vacation rentals- gorgeous well- furnished but affordably priced houses perfect for families, groups or for one who simply wants to enjoy a private place of his own. I especially admire the beautiful rental homes of Carolina Designs. Since I love the beach, I am partial to their beachfront homes. Very pretty houses overlooking the beautiful Outer Banks beach- very much like a scene from a romantic movie.

I want to do something special on my birthday next month. What about driving up to North Carolina for an Outer Banks vacation and stay in one of those gorgeous houses of Carolina Designs? Sounds like a perfect vacation, don't you agree?


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