Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meeting My Cousins

Our Weekend Memoirs

Last Sunday, I met with my cousin Hanzel and his wife and kids. They live in Loma Linda, CA and are in Florida for a vacation. Their first stop was Fort Lauderdale so we had dinner at Bahia Cabana, a dockside patio bar and restaurant overlooking the Ft. Lauderdale boat marina.

This is the view from our table ........

A water taxi plying the waters of Ft. Lauderdale

Mark and Marco enjoyed watching boats of different sizes come and go.

Posterity shot with Hanzel, Denjoy and the two boys.

A visit is not complete without a pasalubong :))

Filipino goodies bought in California like piaya and barquiron of BongBong's (pastries of Negros Occidental). salted peanuts made in California but which tasted like the ones we used to buy in the sidewalks of Bacolod; Victorias hot bangus (product of Negros Occidental); Ligo hot sardines; and, of course, the famous Goldilocks polvoron.

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