Wednesday, May 5, 2010

School Break

I had my last exam for the Winter Term last night. Today is the start of my summer break from school.

I did not enroll for summer class although I now wish I had. I will try to check later if I am not too late to enroll for a class in the North Campus which is nearer to the house compared to the South Campus where I had all my classes last term.

the cafeteria
That is where I stay before class.
Good place to study (because I can eat, too. haha!)

South campus library
I go there to study when the cafeteria is full or closed for activities.

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Twerlyn said...

Hi MsRay! Thank you for leaving a comment sa blog ko. I like your captured photos here, as always. I wished to have DSLR..I'm eying for Nikon D300 or 90..kung ano lang na ma afford. May Q ako, ano gamit mo for your signature sa photo? SA camera ba na cia i-edit?thank u


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