Saturday, May 29, 2010

Games for the Young and Old

When I was growing up in the Philippines in the 70's, my toys consisted of tea sets, dolls, and Fisher Price toys sent to me by relatives in the U.S. For games, I had jackstones (jacks), chinese jackstones (tiny pillows the size of the palm containing mongo seeds or sand), pick up sticks, Snakes and Ladders, and Games of the Millionaires. Later on, I was into Scrabble and Games of the Generals, an educational war board game invented in the Philippines.

With the advent of the computer, children nowadays are into "hi tech" toys. Toys like the ps3 are popular among the young and the young at heart, including parents like myself. The good thing about these electronic and computerized toys is that it allows you to play different games: not just two or three but hundreds of games to choose from. And because the game is enjoyed by children of all ages, the game can be made into a family affair.

The family that plays together
stays together.

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