Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trimming Down

I could well be that lady in the cartoon above. I need to lose weight- seriously! It is hard because I love to eat and in the US, mouth-watering food is in abundance, especially, those loaded with carbohydrates. Now that I have learned how to cook, I also enjoy preparing (and experimenting) fancy dishes at home.

A low carb diet coupled with exercise works well for me. Others use diet pills. There are weight-loss pills which work, and there are pills which don't. There are also those which pose a danger to our health. It is, therefore, wise to seek physician's advise and do your own little research about the product before trying it. Read reviews on the effectiveness and side effects, like, for instance, the clinislim review.

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admin said...

i need to lose weight too. been planning to just eat fruits and veggies. will try it uhmmm maybe tomorrow(?) :D

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