Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Fit

I went on a 45-minute brisk walk this morning and felt refreshed when I got back. I had planned to walk for at least an hour and half but it started to drizzle. I did not want to get caught in the rain, so I had to cut it short and headed back home. I have started cutting back on my carb intake although I have not strictly gone back to my Atkin's Diet yet. I have also resolved to do some physical activity. Earlier today, I checked the classes offered at 24 Hr Fitness where I am a member. I am not particularly fond of gym but I need to do something if I want to lose weight. On Friday, I am going to check the Zumba class at 24 Hr. Fitness. I can alternate that with swimming.

It takes discipline to lose weight. I have been very careless with my diet for a long time. It is now back to healthy lifestyle.

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