Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is Here

Our Weekend Memoirs

Springtime is here again
It's getting warmer everyday

Pretty little flowers
And the grass is growing high

We have much more daytime
And the days are getting long

-From Springtime is Here Again
by Bobby Susser

I love staying outdoors nowadays that the breeze is not that chilly anymore. Well, sometimes it still is, but more tolerable compared to the previous months. Our front yard is coming back to life with flowers of different colors, the greens at our backyard look more luscious, the birds are happily chirping, and banabear loves to fish at the small lake out in the backyard. Oh, yes, the iguana is lurking around, too.

Flowers a-blooming

The 'greening' of the coconuts

Beautiful bird

Banabear fishing

Mr. Iguana posing for me


Verna Luga said...

Wow, Ms. Ray.. spring scene na nga talaga ito ... lovely captures....

good evening..

dzakbudiman said...

spring time is the best time of the year. it beats summer hands down! the flowers bloom, the weather is temperate and the outdoor is the place to see and to be seen. but unfortunately, SEA has only two seasons; hot/humid and the rainy season. i'll miss spring...

LawReal said...

i love flowers nice pic :)

Ebie said...

You have the beauty within reach! And how convenient it is to be close to the lake. My first to see those baby coconuts!


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