Sunday, March 21, 2010

Losing Weight

I need to lose weight. My new clothes are getting too snug for comfort. I cannot afford to keep buying a new set of wardrobe every month but if I keep getting wider and chunkier, then I have no choice but to buy a bigger size. My hubby's uncle and aunt who are visiting with us for a month now are EXCELLENT cook and everyday is a feast here at home even if most of the time, there are only the four of us eating. When we're not cooking at home, we dine out to these fancy restaurants. Everywhere I look I see food, food and more food. Not just food, but gourmet and mouthwatering Italian dishes and pastries. It does not help that I have a very healthy appetite.

Our visitors are going back home to New Jersey next week and after they're gone, hubby and I will clean out our fridge and inventory the "good" and "bad" food in preparation for our weight loss program. This time, I need to be serious about my diet. I need to exercise, too. Good nutritional habits coupled with exercise is the best fat burner.

If Tyra Banks has done it, so will I. She'll be my motivation. haha!

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