Monday, March 8, 2010

Humidity and Our Health

The Philippines, along with Thailand and India, are among the most humid places in the world. On the other hand, Texas, Florida, the coastal parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have the highest humidity among places in the U.S.

Our body is affected by too much humidity. Respiratory problems may result when the evaporation of sweat from our skin is decreased. We become easily fatigued and our physical and mental alertness is affected. We are also susceptible to fungal infections because mold spores thrive in damp environment. So with dust mites. It is, therefore, important to invest in a good dehumidifier to ensure that humidity in our homes is well-regulated. Its main objective is to remove too much moisture in the air which is not good for the body.

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Orangesplaash said...

Didnt know India was such a humid place..may be the southern part of india, which is next to the coastline.


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