Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Cellphone Service

Yes, you read it correctly. It is all possible to get your cellphone service for free.

My husband recently found out about WOW Mobile and after doing his research on the company and the entire program, he decided to sign up. It did not take him very long to be able to get his cellphone service for free and make some very serious money in the process. WOW Mobile has contracted to be a reseller of T-Mobile, which is a Tier 1 cellular service carrier and not some second-rate provider. Any day now, WOW Mobile will also be contracting with a second Tier 1 carrier, Sprint, and a third is purported to be coming within the next several weeks.

WOW Mobile is a new subdivision of Liberty International, an 11 year old debt-free company that has operated on the philosophy of "Buy 1, Sell 3- Get Yours Free". This premise works the same way with WOW Mobile.

There are 3 different service plans that you can choose from. There is an unlimited phone only plan for a flat rate of $59.95 a month. The next one up is an unlimited phone and text messaging plan for $69.95 a month. Finally, unlimited phone, text messaging and internet plan for $89.95 a month. As I've mentioned, all three plans are unlimited. Meaning, unlimited anytime minutes on the phone, unlimited text messaging, unlimited email, web surfing and data transfer with no 5 gigabyte cap like what most other providers impose. That flat monthly fee includes all taxes and usage fees so you never pay a penny more than the advertised monthly cost. You always know what your phone bill is going to be. There are also no contracts, no credit checks, no cancellation fees, no fine print- just a flat monthly fee for the service plan of your choice.

My husband is getting his cellphone service for free. All he did was to get three people to sign up for the WOW Mobile service. When the third person signed up, husband's phone bill went away. He used to have service with AT&T with his iPhone. Although he had another 9 months left in his contract and would have to pay a charge of $130 to cancel his contract, he did and transferred to WOW Mobile. I am mathematically challenged but even I could figure out that it was a wise decision for him to get out of his service contract because his monthly bill with AT&T was $135.00.

Another great feature of WOW Mobile is that the phone you purchase from them is provisioned at the factory to be its own wireless hotspot. It transmits a wireless internet signal and you can connect up to ten laptop computers to the internet wirelessly through your phone. Before, my husband had to pay $68.00 for his monthly Sprint air-card service for his laptop. When he switched to WOW Mobile, he was able to save $135 (monthly cellphone service) and $68 (aircard) or a total monthly savings of $203.00.

In addition to the obvious savings every month, by simply referring the service to three people, Liberty International pays instant bonuses; shared bonuses, and commissions on a weekly basis. Husband has already received five checks in the last five weeks and there are already more than 50 people in his own organization who are also getting free cellphone service and making money as well. With WOW Mobile, you get unlimited monthly cellphone service at an affordable price and a chance to earn income on the side. People who sign up for the service have an incentive and motivation to try to find three people to subscribe to the service so that they, too, can avail themselves of the free cellphone service.

I am now using WOW Mobile and bought my 3G phone from them. Well, husband paid for my phone out of his profits, and I am sharing this blessing with everyone. I enjoy unlimited talk, text and internet service from my new phone. I have no aircard so when I am out of the house it used to be a problem getting internet service to my laptop. With my WOW Mobile service, I can now tether from my phone and enjoy fast internet connection to my laptop anywhere I go. In fact, when our internet service at home bogs down, we just turn on the tethering feature of our cellphone to get wifi service directly to our computers.

I could not possibly explain every detail of WOW Mobile in this post, but if any of you reading this have any questions, please take a few minutes to visit the website with a pen and paper and watch the short video. While viewing, you may want to write down your questions and drop me a comment here in my blog.

Currently, WOW Mobile's service is available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and their new phone is the Samsung Galaxy i7500.


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