Friday, March 5, 2010

Are You Still in MySpace?

There was a time when MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the U.S. Almost every netizen had a MySpace account. Lately, however, it has lost its appeal all the more so with the coming of Facebook. I have a MySpace page but it has been a long time since I logged in my account. So long that I could no longer remember what my password or my account name is.

One thing that turns me off about MySpace is that it has become too cluttered with numerous advertisements from sites like online casino, consumer products to adult websites. Too much spam, too much junk. Marketers have taken advantage of the popularity of the website so that they have been flooding the pages with 'spammy' marketing. Some online marketers have even gone to the extent of sending spam messages to a member's inbox.

Aside from spam marketing, there have also been complaints about abusive use of this website- complaints about the notoriety of some members as seen from their profile posts and pictures. Have you read in the news about members who openly posted questionable pictures and/or videos? You might have also read about members' criminal activities being discovered through MySpace. One of my professors advised us against these social networking sites. Although social networking sites are not, per se, wrong or dangerous, a member must be careful about the stuff he is posting, pictures, and even accepting friend requests. The internet is an amazing place but at the same time, it is also a dangerous one.

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