Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Break is Coming

Spring break is that time of the year, usually in the month of March, where students get a week long respite from school. My spring break starts on March 8. Last year, I spent my short vacation in Maui, Hawaii. I'm spending my spring recess this year looking for job openings. A different kind of "fun".

Students, especially those in college, look forward to the spring break when they can go on vacation with their friends. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is getting to be a popular spring break destination in the U.S. It offers activities for everybody. From fishing to sunbathing and swimming, to outdoor recreation such as kayaking, hand gliding, kite boarding, to wildlife activities and cultural and historical tours. Beautiful Outer Banks rentals are available at affordable prices. There is so much to choose from.

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Orangesplaash said...

Me looking forward to the spring as well..It will be indeed a refreshing change!!


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