Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sleep Tight....

I am a deep sleeper. When it is time for me to go to sleep, I have no problem whether the room is noisy or flooded with lights because I am not easily disturbed. My hubby is the opposite. A slight ruffle in the room is enough to wake him out of his slumber. However, both of us have something in common: we have lower back pains and cannot sleep well when we are in an uncomfortable bed or using a sagging pillow, for which reason we have invested in a good mattress. We are also sensitive to allergens, especially my husband who easily gets itchy or runny nose from dust. That is why I am very particular with cleanliness in the house. I change our bedsheets twice a week and make sure the bed and the furniture are clean and free from dust. We also use pillowcases which are said to be allergy-free. However, I am not sure how effective they are because my husband still gets itchy nose on a few occasions.

I have read that mold, bacteria and dust mites grow into the pillow by the millions because we exhale moisture into the pillow. They are a major cause of respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. It worsens over the years thereby making a much-used pillow a dangerous germ-carrier. The good news is: there is a special kind of anti-allergen pillow that has germ and mold fighting agents guaranteed to protect us against these harmful elements. Unlike regular pillows, Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Pillow is made with Micrenza bio-filter, a strong anti-bacteria filter that screens the air that comes in and out of the pillow, keeping out germs, dust mites and molds out regardless of how long it is used. In fact, the pillow has the same strong bacteria filtration efficiency as an N 95 mask. The pillow's outer cotton fabric has a soft, stretchable membrane that prevents moisture from entering into the material, thus, eliminating the passage of harmful elements.

Watch the following video to get a clearer picture of how important is an anti-allergen pillow:

This special kind of pillow is a bit pricey compared to the regular pillow but the benefits, health-wise, is worth it. Hubby will thank me for 'discovering' this special pillow. Now we can sleep more peacefully.....

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

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Orangesplaash said...

Nice post, informative. Initially I faced problems with respect to a pillow in Holland. I tried a lot many and was finally able to zero down on one.!!


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