Monday, February 22, 2010


According to the WebMD, hemorrhoids are masses of tissue within a person's anal canal that contain blood vessels and the surrounding tissue made up of muscle and elastic fibers. When these masses of tissue becomes swollen, they cause discomfort and problems. These may be caused, among others, by inadequate intake of fiber, prolonged sitting on the toilet, constipation, pregnancy, chronic cough, heavy lifting and so with tumors in the pelvis. Anal itching sometimes occur, and so with pain.

On mild cases of hemorrhoids, physicians may sometimes advise preventive and home treatment, in addition to prescribing creams and suppositories that relieve pain and discomfort. Surgical treatment is resorted when the hemorrhoids become enlarged that they become intolerable. If you are one of those suffering from this discomfort, whatever stage you are in, you want to seek the best hemorrhoids treatment available.

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