Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Baby

When I left the Philippines three years ago, my baby was still in his pre-teens. Now, he is 15 years old and will graduate from high school next month. How time flies. My baby is now a young man.

I have not seen him in person for three years now but from his recent pictures he looks much taller than he was when I left the country. In fact, my friends who saw his pictures in Facebook commented how he's grown from the last time they've seen him. As a teenager, I noticed a lot of changes in him. His voice sounds more husky and deep. He is taller, hair has started to grow on his face, and a few pimples have become noticeable. I have been through this stage so I am aware that because of hormonal changes, adolescents are prone to skin breakouts. There is also an increase in secretion of oil in their skin. I hope he is taking good care of his body and the skin breakout does not develop into something major; otherwise, I hope he gets the best acne treatments for his skin problem.

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