Saturday, February 20, 2010

Losing Weight Fast

I sound like a broken record. I have been saying for almost a year now that I need to lose weight, but instead of losing, I am gaining. Of course, I have not been doing anything except pig out and sit on my butt instead of changing my lifestyle, i.e., eat healthy and exercise.

We see on tv and read on the news about different nutritional plans on weight loss. I have tried one before and I swear it worked for me alright, except that after reaching my ideal weight, I became lax and started pigging out again. After three years, I gained back my weight and even gained more. With so much delicious, but carb laden, goodies within reach, it needs discipline on my part to zip my mouth. I am bored doing gym activity and prefer sports but since coming to the US three years ago, I haven't done any of my favorite sports of kickboxing, badminton and bowling. I used to do lap swimming but haven't done it for several months now.

What are your thoughts about quick weight loss programs ? Have they worked for you? I know healthy eating habits, carb control and exercise worked for me.

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