Friday, February 19, 2010

Enjoying the Outdoors

One of the things I missed about Hawaii when I moved to South Florida eight months ago was the cool and breezy weather of my former paradise. Hawaii's weather was never too hot nor too cold. Just perfect!

I arrived in Florida June of last year and even when it was supposed to be the 'hurricane season', it was hot and humid, pretty much like my mother country, Philippines. I was too pampered by Hawaii's close-to-perfect weather so that I did not enjoy being outdoors during the daytime because of the scorching heat.

Then we found a home in Coconut Creek. It overlooks a lake, beautiful albeit man-made. We have a pool out in our backyard and we enjoy swimming day and night. There was a store about five minutes from our place where we found beautiful outdoor furniture. Banabear bought a patio furniture consisting of a round granite top table that can accommodate an umbrella, and four cushioned chairs. We sometimes have barbecue out in the patio during a cool day.

Since November, the weather has been too cold even here in sunny Florida. We have not used the pool for a couple of months now, and it is even too cold for comfort to lounge out in the patio. I cannot wait for spring to come so that we can start again using the pool and enjoy the outdoors.

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