Monday, February 22, 2010

Accutane and your Skin

It is not easy to have sensitive skin. You are prone to skin issues like whiteheads, blackheads and acne. Contrary to popular belief, the acne problem is not exclusive to teenagers. According to statistics, about 85% of people aging from 12 to 25 or even older, have some type of acne. I had my share of skin breakouts and had to undergo treatment from the skin clinic which was not only expensive but also painful.

How do we control them? Practice healthy habits like drinking enough water and staying away from soda and too much sugar. Eating food rich in vitamins (B-complex, E) and fruits (cranberry). Washing and cleaning of face regularly and being careful about the use of cosmetic products. Regular sleeping habits. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

Vitamin A is found to be an effective cure for acne problems. A form of Vitamin A called accutane is used for treatment of severe acne problems because it helps reduce the amount of oil released by the glands in our skin and helps the skin renew itself. Accutane may either come in topical or oral form, and is usually given after milder acne medicines or antibiotics have become unsuccessful in treating the skin problem.

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