Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Term Starts

My school's Winter Term started this week. I decided to enroll only in six units (Criminal Litigation and Real Estate) this term because I want to look for a job. Last semester, I had classes both in the North (about 15 minutes from the house) and South Campus but this semester, all my classes are in the South Campus only which is about a 35- minute ride from where I live.

Today, we had our first meeting in Criminal Litigation class. My professor is a prosecutor in Broward County and he's married to a defense attorney. An interesting combination, aren't they? I saw a couple of familiar faces in our class of 30 students. Most of them were my classmates in last term's Immigration Law and Probate Practice and one was my classmate in Legal Assisting. I like Criminal Law so I look forward to an interesting class this semester.

On Tuesday, I will have my class in Real Estate. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the professor who, incidentally, is the Program Director of the Legal Assisting Department. My friend, Sharon Ricci, who was my classmate in two subjects last semester is also enrolled in this class and I am excited to meet her again next week.


Ebie said...

Good luck to this semester, and I always have faith in you that you will have flying colors!

SANDY said...

Sounds like your life might be less hectic with your classes all in the same local...makes sense. Sounds pretty exciting too, makes me think of CSI and NCIS, two shows I really enjoy.

Wanted to swing by and say
Congrats on your award. I love meeting new bloggers and thought I'd pop over when I realized who Romancing Italy had passed the award onto.

Have a good semester.


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